Learn FileMaker Pro 10  - FileMaker Pro 10 is a multi-award-winning database program. This version of the software continues to build on FileMaker 7's radical update. That's why this book is essential not only to beginners but also intermediate users and professionals to need to get up to speed with all the changes. This book covers it all, with topics ranging from defining database terms to security, converting files from previous FileMaker Pro versions to using files on the Web, and from creating reports and scripts to using the new Status Toolbar, Script Triggers, the amazing Web Viewer and powerful External SQL Data Sources.

What readers say about Jonathan's previous books:
"Not only does Jonathan cover the features and functions, his examples and tutorials actually get you to learn FileMaker. I highly recommend his books to novices and experts alike."
--James Hea

"Jonathan has a unique conversational writing style that makes learning FileMaker enjoyable. His ability to explain technical details with simple, elegant explanations sets him apart from other authors."
--Stephen Knight
  Vice President, FMWebschool. Inc.

"The best FileMaker book by far... Clear enough for a neophyte, yet concise enough for an experienced user."
--Bob Stern

"From the dark recesses of technical jargon comes a bright guiding light... Thank you for making FileMaker so easy to use."
--Gerald Higgins

"This book is a must-have for FileMaker users; should have been in the package [with the software]."
--Rudolph de Jong, M.D.
   PhamraCon Consulting

"The book is easy to read, simple to understand, and loaded with important data and tricks for FileMaker Pro."
--Aviv Damari
   Damari Construction Consulting. Ind.

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With this new version of the software, FileMaker Pro expands the dramatically new and efficient approach to database management introduced in FileMaker Pro 7 and gives the user even greater flexibility. This book explores the features of the product &endash; both new and old &endash; and identifies situations in which they might be applicable, distilling the complexity into a logical hands-on approach:

Coverage includes:
* How to use the completely redesigned Status area, now known as the Status Toolbar.
* How to send e-mail right from FileMaker with the SMTP-based Send Mail option.
* How to build reports quickly and easily with the new Saved Finds feature.
* How to auotmate your database with the new Script Triggers
* How to integrate your Bento database into FileMaker.
* The multiple-tables-per-file architecture, which gives users ease of development and speed
* How to work with the enhanced, amazing Web Viewer
* The Auto Re-size and Conditional Formatting of Layout Objects
* How to adapt one script to many purposes, cutting development time/expense
* How to use the updated Tab Control and Tooltips features
* A special section on the Anchor-Buoy method of database development
* How to use the Quick Find, Auto-Complete and Visual Spell Checker features
* How to use PDF, append PDF, and Excel document Maker with Fast Send Email feature
* How to harness the power of the new External SQL Data Source tools
* How to use the new Manage Scripts tools and Script Group folders

For those who have experience with FileMaker, the book includes information on troubleshooting and debugging scripts, creating a report based on a date range, and how to turn a field into a button. By the time readers complete this book, they will have a set of files they can use to keep track of customers and invoices.

The appendixes address issues such as network error messages and technical support. In addition, this book has the most extensive index of any FileMaker book anywhere with more than 3,000 entries guides the reader to specific FileMaker topics.

Example files in both Windows and Macintosh formats, along with other FileMaker developer solutions and plug-ins can be downloaded from www.wordwarecom/files/fmpro7

Learn how to:
* Use the alignment tools to quickly align objects on your layout.
* Set up fields for auto-complete and create tooltips to assist users.
* Attach a calendar to a date field to efficiently enter dates.
* Import tables and their data in a single step.
* Print your files as a PDF and save or send your files as Excel files.
* Organize information in different layers on a single layout using the Tab Control feature.
* Export the contents of a field and attach it to an e-mail.
* Use the Web Viewer to display information from the web inside your database.

* Plan, create, and format a database.
* Find and sort data.
* Define relationships and work with related tables and files.
* Create layouts using the Layout Assistant.
* Use validation options to make sure data is entered properly.
* Build and test complex calculations.
* Apply record-level security.
* Automate your database and fly between tables with scripts.
* Design screen and report layouts.
* Share FileMaker databases on the Internet using Instant Web Publishing.
* Use and synchronize files with FileMaker Mobile for the Palm OS.>
* Protect your data with scripts and calculations.
* Import and Export using XML and XSL style sheets.
* Back up your database and recover your data.

About his book, Jonathan says:
     "I wrote this book as if I were writing it for myself when I started out. I remember how confusing it was trying to figure out all the things left out of the manual and the other books I'd bought to help me learn. I consider myself of normal intelligence. So this book is not written by some genius who assumes you know everything. I tried very hard not to skip any of the steps you need to know. That makes this book sort of 'For Dummies by a Dummy.'
     "I also included information about how to figure things out for yourself. Instead of just telling you how to solve 10 special problems, I show you how to solve almost any problem you might come up against. You know, 'Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.'
     "One other example of how I approached this whole project is that it took me 70 hours to create the index for the first version of this book. I'm told most indexes take about 16 hours. I wanted this to be the index I wish was in the back of every other technical book I've ever read. It's just so frustrating to look for something you know you just read about, but you can't find it. I spent my time so you won't have to waste yours.
     "And finally, my mother volunteered to do all the exercises in the book to make sure it was clear enough for anybody else to learn. To be fair to her, she's pretty sharp, but she had never worked with FileMaker before. I rewrote quite a bit of the text as a result of her suggestions. That's how important it was for me to make this as good a book as I could."
     -- Jonathan Stars


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