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Twenty years ago, Jonathan Stars was an an award-winning singer, songwriter and comedian with 12 albums to his credit. He started using FileMaker to keep track of his entertainment business. Soon, members of his Mac user group hired him to make databases for their businesses—and he was on to a whole new set of careers.

Jonathan is author of seven editions of his Learn FileMaker Pro book, a contributor to FileMaker Pro Advisor magazine and a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. He wrote his first novel, N-hanced, in 2012 based on predictions about computer technology in the near future. Stay tuned for his next novel, a prequel titled N-snared, coming in 2015.

In July 2014 he attended Thrillerfest in New York City to study with top name thriller writers Steve Berry, Grant Blackwood, D.P. Lyle, Steven James, Lee Child, and John Lescroart. He took a day-long workshop with David Morrell, who gave Jonathan's writing the highest compliment, saying "This is marvelous. Your use of subtle sensory details is excellent. It's the way Hemingway would have done it. You have talent."

            Jonathan with David Morrell                      and                                  Lee Child                

In August 2012 Jonathan attended the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago where he was a panelist with some of the SF's brightest stars. Below are pictures from a two of his eleven panels.

Liz Gorinsky, Gene Wolfe, Jonathan Stars, David Hartwell and Connie Willis

Photos: © 2012 Mark Shallcross, Shallcross Photo Studio

Edward Resnick, Brad Aiken, James Cambias, Hayden Trenholm and Jonathan Stars
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